Chocolates in the Month of Love

For the longest time, I’ve been looking for chocolates, made in Ghana, that taste good but aren’t from Golden Tree.

Over the past few months, I’ve seen quite a number pop and I was definitely excited to taste them. Of course, as your favourite blogger, I decided to risk my taste buds, just for you guys, to review them. Below are the chocolates, where you can find them and my personal opinions on them all.

The first chocolate bar on the list is a milk chocolate bar, made by Niche, manufactured in Tema. Its a “bean to bar” chocolate and I believe this means the cocoa beans were transferred to and manufactured in one place, maintaining the quality and integrity of the cocoa bean, making it taste better since there are fewer additives and it goes through fewer processes. In terms of economics, it helps small-scale cocoa farmers as well, so it’s a win-win situation.

I first chanced upon this chocolate bar when I went to the supermarket. I usually peruse the aisles for good sweets and I found this one. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised, both with the packaging and taste.



Immediately, I was drawn to the colour and simplicity of the packaging. The blue was a bit bright under the store lighting, [I personally prefer dark colours in all things] but it still caught my eye, so I’d say that’s a good thing.

Now, for the colour and taste. The bar looks dark, although it is a milk chocolate. Do not be alarmed because once it hits your tongue, it is smooth and creamy without being “just milky”. You can definitely taste the cocoa bean because there’s a tartness to it, the kind that comes with real chocolate.


I was very impressed and I loved how smooth it was and how easily it melted in my mouth. I got this at Koala Supermarket, Cantonments, for a little under GH¢ 9. I would definitely recommend this bar.


Next bar of chocolate I would suggest is the Moments chocolate that I got from Accra Premium’s Accra Food Festival, late last year. I did a review on it when I reviewed the food festival [you can check that out here] and I must say, it’s one of my favourite chocolates I’ve ever had, based solely on the combination of flavours. I got the ‘Toffee & Coffee’ and the ‘Himalayan Sea Salt and Toffee’ and I’m still obsessed with the flavors. I wish the toffee chunks were bigger [cuz you can’t get enough toffee ever] but I absolutely loved to complementing flavours.



My favourite thing about this bar, other than its smooth taste, has to be the design. I absolutely love how artistic and thoughtful it is. I got this from the fair, but you can hit up their Facebook or Twitter and find out where to get these chocolates. For GH¢ 20, I’d say it pretty worth it.


Final suggestion is the Adinkra Bars from 57Chocolate. I’ve been wanting to try these chocolates for MONTHS, but I never really had a chance to, until now. I placed an order yesterday afternoon, via email, and got my chocolates delivered to me this morning. Since it’s nearing Valentine’s Day, I find it endearing that they were able to get my order to me in record timing.

The price of the sweets are dependent on the weight, so each piece of chocolate has its own unit price. You can check that out right here or their website overall, here.

The chocolates came in two small red boxes. I believe they’re usually black, but it’s nearing Valentine’s day, so red it is. They were sealed with a sticker that says “handmade with LOVE” and I thought that was particularly cute.


The chocolates come wrapped in small plastic pouches to seal in the freshness. And I absolutely love how they taste. Such a smooth texture and you can smell the cocoa. It’s amazing!

Now, I ordered 6 of some of the many flavors they have to offer:

88% Baobab Dark Chocolate.

73% Dark Chocolate.


Milk Chocolate.

Mocha Latte.

White Chocolate.


You can play a guessing game of seeing which flavour is which, but if you have no time and would rather chow down, the chocolates are labelled on the back.

My ABSOLUTE favourite, of every chocolate I’ve ever had [and I’ve had A LOT] was the Bissap flavoured one. I’m not sure if its the purple tinge that you could see in the light or the authentic sweet-&-spicy Bissap flavour, or even the fact that I like experimental gourmet flavours, but I’m absolutely in love.

My next favourite was the Mocha Latte one, because I’m a sucker for anything coffee flavoured. All the other ones were good and tasted just as I suspected, especially the Baobab one. It tasted…earthy. Like a plant. I will say it’s an acquired taste, so try it if you’re bold.

I also love the idea of the Adinkra symbols on the chocolates, keeping it Ghanaian.

One thing I can say is that all these chocolates melt easily in your mouth and don’t have that crumbly feeling some chocolates have, or that film of oil that forms on your palate before you’ve finished your first bite. These pieces were in the GH¢ 4 range, although, you can always get larger bars if you’re so inclined. I know I’m going to.


So, I have my personal favourite, which I won’t say but I want you guys to try them out yourself and let me know how you like it. And like I always say, support Made In Ghana goods!, especially ones that taste as good as these and are making innovative steps  in the food industry.

Have a great Valentine’s Day, keep it safe and sweet and…

Thanks for reading!

– M.

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